Welcome to my blog. I’m a freelance artist currently based in Edmonton specializing in painting and illustration, though I’ve done projects in other countries as well. For a complete professional portfolio, please visit krisfriesen.com.


I grew up around Vancouver and got my big start at the age of 4 drawing whales for my parents.

Graduating high school as the “outstanding visual arts student” of the year, I went on to receive diplomas in both digital and traditional animation as I refined my illustration skills.

In my 15-year career as a freelance artist, I’ve created a wide variety of murals, illustrations, portraits, storyboards, comics, and conceptual art for many clients, including the Holiday Inn, Real Estate Guide, Freightliner, the YWCA, Van City Credit Union, the City of Vancouver, and the City of Edmonton.

In the past 10 years I’ve regularly attended life drawing studios in Edmonton and B.C. (such as Basic Inquiry, the Harcourt House, and the Vernon Community Arts Centre) to hone my artistic skills with figure studies. When illustrating figures, I strive to capture moments with body language and expressions that represent an individual’s attitude, character, and emotion.

As an artist, my primary interests are visual storytelling and creating dramatic compositions with movement and atmosphere. My line-based style emphasizes weight, shape, action and texture and I always welcomes new subject matter.

Due to my painted landscapes, I’ve been called an “imaginary realist” since my work provides the viewer with an escape into a different world. I received an award from the Georgia Straight for a mural of Vancouver’s skyline. Since completing my first mural as a teenager, painting continues to fascinate me and each new project develops my knowledge of the medium further.

Currently I’m painting on as many surfaces as I can, including the interior and exterior of my car, my home, my cat and my roommate’s dog.

One of my favourite pieces is “Devotion.” This 3-panelled piece was part of the Giants of Edmonton series and tells the story of life as a Canadian soldier. Other Giants murals include “Hope Hunter,” “Our Natural Home,” “Famous Five,” and “Team Martin.”

Another favourite, “Waterfront,” was an award-winning narration of the Vancouver skyline using “imaginary realism.” One of my most recent productions celebrates the neighbourhood festival, Kaliedo.

As a public artist, I believe I have a responsibility to make my art accessible to any audience. Sometimes I wonder, what if someone who doesn’t read or speak English sees my artwork?

For that reason, I produce strong art that stands for itself without the need for explanation. My artwork is meant to be viewed and commented on at any stage of production. There are no walls between myself, my art and my community.

You can find more of my work through Creative Shake, Muse Worx, FineArtPrints.ca, AAA Image Makers, Fig Dig, Creative Hub, Creative Source, and Black Book Illustration.

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